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Working with Effort! | Ep. 11

It's already a battle to be diligent in the work we do. We hear so many times to give our best effort, but that's easier said that done! 

What does the Bible have to say about it!?

3 Disciplines from the Book of Daniel. | Ep. 32

In this episode we look at the book of Daniel and talk about 3 disciplines Daniel possessed that we too may foster in our lives. 

Aligned to God's Plumb Line | Ep. 35

What is God's plumb line? How does He measure us? What does it have to do with righteousness and how can we ensure we are aligned with God's plumb line?

R&R Talks VII | Family Reconciliation with Harold McGhee

What is family reconciliation? Why is family reconciliation important? What keeps family reconciliation from happening?

In this episode we talk with Harold McGhee, the founder of 117 Mandate. 117 Mandate is a ministry based on Luke 1:17 aimed at turning hearts and restoring families, one home at a time.